Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bergkamp's magic goal

There have been players more prolific than newly retired Arsenal striker Dennis Bergkamp, but few scorers of greater goals. Perhaps the best example of this was his 2002 Premiership Goal of the Season, scored against Newcastle United on March 2.

The brilliant spin goal started as Robert Pires worked the ball down the left channel, Bergkamp burst into space and appealed for the ball. Pires delivered a good pass from which Bergkamp worked his magic.

First touch, and with the inside of his left boot, Bergkamp tapped the ball to the defenders left and spins right to pass him by. He shrugs off a last ditch sliding tackle and with his second touch coolly slots the ball into the bottom left corner of the net.

It’s one of the finest pieces of skill ever produced on a football pitch and shows just why Bergkamp is called the Dutch Master. He has so many incredible goals, it's hard to choose, but for me this is the best of them all.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

A great interview series worth a read

Regular readers will know that I have been interviewing bloggers for the better part of a year regarding football in their countries. From India, Pratyush Khaitan has been working on a series in which he interviews people from every country participating in the World Cup.

He’s almost completed all 32 nations and I must applaud the effort, in a matter of 50 days Pratyush has achieved this, I'm happy to admit I've been outdone. It deserves more attention than it has gotten, but for my part here is the link to the list of nations as it stands and its worth a read, at least find your own country. I did the interview for England which you can see here.