Tuesday, November 16, 2004


What can I say; this kid is already a superstar. He floors me every time I see him play, and it takes quite a player to sit former Portuguese international Rui Costa on the bench. Kaka is that player. I can write a list of superlatives to describe his best qualities but that would not do justice to his abilities. It’s the sheer intelligence that you see when he plays and his ability to move without the ball.

Kaka is Brazilian, 21, and joined AC Milan last year on a transfer from a Brazilian club. He lit the Italian league up his first season drawing rave reviews. They were well deserved because I think you are seeing the evolution of a future world player of the year.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Idriss Carlos Kameni

The first time I ever saw Carlos Kameni play was in the 2000 Sydney olympics. Cameroon won the gold metal, beating Spain and Brazil (with 9 men) in the process. And he wasn't a spectator, he made instrumental saves throughout the tournament.

The performance heralded him as a future superstar. He was swooped up by Juventus and was part of there youth squad for a few years but he basically fell off the map.

But I remembered those saves, that poise for such a pressure filled situation. Carlos, I never forgot about you and thats why, when I saw you picked up by Espanyol this summer, I thought that you would begin to break out, and you have. Espanyol have had a superb season so far very close to the top of the league (3rd at this moment) and some of the credit is deserved for the man between the posts.