Sunday, November 07, 2004

Idriss Carlos Kameni

The first time I ever saw Carlos Kameni play was in the 2000 Sydney olympics. Cameroon won the gold metal, beating Spain and Brazil (with 9 men) in the process. And he wasn't a spectator, he made instrumental saves throughout the tournament.

The performance heralded him as a future superstar. He was swooped up by Juventus and was part of there youth squad for a few years but he basically fell off the map.

But I remembered those saves, that poise for such a pressure filled situation. Carlos, I never forgot about you and thats why, when I saw you picked up by Espanyol this summer, I thought that you would begin to break out, and you have. Espanyol have had a superb season so far very close to the top of the league (3rd at this moment) and some of the credit is deserved for the man between the posts.


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Blogger Kendrick Tan said...

Carlos Kameni is a great keeper! It's so hard to believe that he is only 20 years old. Did you see Espanyol's last game against Barcelona. They drew 0-0, but that was because Carlos Kameni kept it that way. He made a spectaular save against Samuel Eto'o.. He is a young goalkeeper that is fun to watch, and being a goalkeeper myself, I am proud to watch him play the way he does.

3/03/2005 7:43 AM  

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