Sunday, June 03, 2007

Juventus in talks with Liverpool over midfielder

It looks like Liverpool may be making room in their crowded midfield after it has emerged that the club is in talks with Juventus over the transfer of defensive midfielder Momo Sissoko.

While the player is apparently keen for a stay at Anfield, the reality of the situation is forcing Liverpool to consider offers and clear up the glut in midfield. Juventus’s offer is said to be in the 8m pound range.

The reality of the situation is not just a crowded midfield. Rafa Benitez has his sights set on Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o and needs money from the sale of players to do it. Sissoko, a Malian international, has been linked with several other clubs recently indicating that Liverpool is actively shopping him around. New Liverpool owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks have promised Benitez funds but not enough to make a move for 35m pound rated Eto’o.

Juventus are looking to strengthen the team after a rebound promotion to Serie A following demotion for match-fixing.

Sissoko, 22, has seen his first-team opportunities dry up since the arrival of Javier Mascherano in January.

As a further measure to raise cash, Benitez is planning to sell wanna-be golf pro and world class prick Craig ‘links’ Bellamy.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

suppose there is enough dead weight to sell to grab etoo but I dont see him wanting to play for us

6/03/2007 2:52 PM  
Anonymous Sheffield_Red said...

Right - as an avid armchair fan of many, many years, I feel that there may be many more qualified than I to speak but...

Liverpool finished a country mile behind the scum and CSKA London. The result was perhaps a false impression of the state of the premiership last season. The scum were lucky as they had no injuries to speak of and Chelski suffered from injuries. The fact remains though that they were both better, as they were than we were. Benitez says that we need to go out and spend big and suddenly things are looking up. Except that the scum have gone out and bought a midfield to rival any other seen if the imagery I have seen of Anderson and Nanny are anything to go by. Not to mention Hargreaves (although that may mean Carrick gets to warm the bench). Whilst getting rid of Momo (sorry - kid can't pass) and Alonso (can't really tackle a la fat Frank) - aren't we supposed to be getting quality players in?? How is weakening our squad strengthening our squad? We need to be doing business now according to Rafa. I know that the season start is months away but aren't all of our targets being buttered up by other clubs as we speak. When are we going to see the "World Class" players that are spoken of?

I would also like to call for a firm statement from the club in support of the fans that did behave themselves. We all know that there were some scum there, stealing tickets and seats from your own - UEFA should have given us a better stadium but they could not change the laws of physics. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle does not apply to seats in a football stadium. A lot of people have been undeservedly defended by our club, but all of us are now being savaged from all sides.
Maybe there's a hint of Jealousy - UEFA always have hated us for being better than the rest of Europe in the '70s and '80s. Th UK press are a joke as well - they always attack the British fan, so when they get the opportunity to loose off a volley against the most travelled fans, they will surely take it.

6/03/2007 8:43 PM  

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