Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Baptista sounding the monster fool

Madrid’s Ronaldo is far better than Barcelona’s Eto’o? Eto'o wins on apostrophes and points.

It's what new Real Madrid player Julio Baptista thinks.

Julio Baptista is trying too hard to make friends at Madrid. Let me ask you people, if he went to Barca, think he’d be jocking Eto’o instead of Ronaldo?

Apparently this was intended to stoke the rivalry between Real and Barca. And reporters are covering this as if its serious.

Baptista, earlier this summer was a target for Arsenal. The versatile Brazilian, nicknamed 'the monster' can play in midfield or as a striker. He joined Madrid in favor of the Gunners. If he had joined Arsenal would Thierry Henry be ‘a far better than (name here)’?

Those are the kind of stories that stoke nothing but the denial of Ronaldo's twilight years.
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