Monday, August 08, 2005


This comes from Terry ‘El Tel’ Venerables – a fella who’s using his blog to try and stay on the footballing straight and narrow whilst his missus does bird...


Just had a rollickin’ – apparently the prison governor has been letting Mrs. Tel surf the internet (I didn’t know she could read). Anyway, she found this and says that I’ve got to do something it – women’s football is in a state of crisis – ‘Birmingham Ladies’ about to become extinct. Not quite sure how the Birmingham men will respond to this – y’ know – men have needs too! Anyway, I’m guessing that things could get ugly… very ugly. Am at a bit of a loss and Mrs. Tel is demanding action. Would call my old mate Karren Brady – but she’s been refusing to take my calls ever since I set her the ping-pong challenge during a boozy business lunch back in 2001. What to do, what to do?


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