Thursday, July 14, 2005

Gerrard scores hat-trick, notice who didn’t play

Qualifying for the Champions League has started with the defending champions in action.

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard proved to critics that he was at Liverpool to play. 3 goals, one after just 8 minutes, put the Reds ahead against the overpowered Welsh side TNS.

Thankfully Spanish international striker Fernando Morientes played, more on that later; he gave Gerrard a great final pass for a second goal.

On the field Liverpool look to have continued where they left off 45 minutes before this qualifier in the Champions League final.

TNS played conservative with a single striker to try and hold the midfield but further into match Gerrard’s long range shot made the keeper a spectator for his third and put the game away.

Djibril Cisse came on as a sub. Milan Baros didn’t play. Baros started the Champions League final. To be healthy and not feature is clear evidence Liverpool want to keep his sale options open. Sell! The Cisse-Morientes combination is a winner, just look at the combination of speed and fundamental striker characteristics.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Cisse-Morientes is a great combination, but Liverpool probably need another option like Owen. They should sell Baros and get someone like Saviola who's available. Not PETER CR-OUCH.

7/17/2005 3:53 AM  

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