Wednesday, July 06, 2005

All is not right at Liverpool

So suddenly Steven Gerrard has decided he wants to stay at Anfield.

He snubbed a 100,000 pound a week offer only to turn around and accept it again. Hmmm.

He claims he realized how much the club meant to him but I’d say he miscalculated the fallout and has decided to stay on.

100k a week is fair value to me. That makes me question further Gerrard, or his management’s motives.

As much as I like Steven Gerrard, I get the distinct impression he’s marrying as a duty. I think the lion heart’s heart lies elsewhere.

Gerrard also admitted that he did want to leave the club at one point, albeit in a fuzzy way.

Struan Marshall, Gerrard’s agent could be the root of the problem. Gerrard’s defense of his agent did little to convince me. Unfortunately in terms of agents, there are more bad seeds than good ones, so you can’t use the argument that a few bad seeds destroy the bunch. It’s the other way around.

Agents lie to get more value for their players. Greed makes it easy to blur the lines but football and business are strange bed-fellows. Clubs hemorrhage money. Would your company survive that way?

Let’s face it, reporting a breakdown in talks might have attracted new buyers, or a host of other ways out of Anfield.

Agents are manipulators. They look to add value to their players without consideration of the supporters of the club. I think we saw a calculated stunt.

To an agent, in the loose football climate we have today, planting stories is more normal than abnormal. And remember: no transfer means no cut of the transfer fee for the agent. Robinho’s agent just got 10 million euros!

The media compliments this, rumors are easy stories for reporters, like this whoozer I saw today that says Figo has signed for Liverpool.

Whatever motivates a rumor, be sure that there is a motivation behind it. But today’s word is clouded with word salad, isn’t it? And ‘motivation’ is now a code word for ‘lie’. When you start a rumor, your motivation is to lie.

This time it’s clear the breakdown rumor came from the Gerrard camp. Liverpool had no interest in losing the player, 100k is a lot of dough, and Gerrard’s face said it all.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I ate my own face

7/06/2005 5:01 PM  
Anonymous Adam Griffin said...

Yes, rumours are easy to start. Pointless commentary articles are also easy to write. After all, isnt the weblog just a natural extension of normal attention seeking behaviour. Since the deal is almost done and dusted and everyone involved says that they are absolutely thrilled with the final result, should I really be surprised that someone STILL has to insist that Steven Gerrard wants to leave the club?

Yes, something is not right between Gerrard and Liverpool football club and yes, its Steven Gerrard. He's an over-emotional young man with a rediculous tendency to get caught up in torturing himself with the choices he faces. What baffles me is that commentators refuse to just let the issue be put to rest. But then, considering the appalling behaviour of published media journalists in this country, why expect anything different from some bloke with a web page?

7/06/2005 5:09 PM  
Blogger Football Commentator said...


Curious how you invest your attention in such a rumor-starting-attention-needing-fake-journalist-blogger like me.

7/06/2005 5:22 PM  
Anonymous Adam Griffin said...

Just following the "news". Unfortunately some feeder sites dont put a credibility rating next to the articles they link to.

But I should thank you, I've managed to finally take out all of my frustrations built up towards the British media on someone.

Actually, my apologies, you're just giving your opinion and who the hell am I to say any different? But if you're a Liverpool fan, arent you just a tiny bit tired of this nonsense?

Dont feed the trolls.

7/06/2005 5:30 PM  
Blogger Football Commentator said...

Your welcome to contact any news site I am listed on and complain.

I'm glad you feel better, thats the spirit. I dont mind disagreement, but your a little rough with the extras my friend.

I dont support any club, I just like to watch and make observations. I would like to see more teams that could win the Premiership next season to bare my self interest.

I comment on it because I hate the environment. Its a big ugly system of exploitation you pay for with ticket prices, pay per view, jerseys whatever.

I think if you read further down you will see I tackle serious issues.

the reason I wrote about Gerrard again is because I am tired of the duplicity. He's lying. He wanted to leave. But he is there now and I hope its going to work.

7/06/2005 5:37 PM  
Blogger domin sad said...

Robinhos agent only got £10 million because he owned 40% of the transfer rights. So not all agents make that kind of money on tranfers.

7/06/2005 8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liverpool r Sh1te

7/17/2005 6:03 PM  

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