Saturday, July 09, 2005

Manchester United numbers charming, but offensive…

I'm holding my nose at the Manchester United charm offensive.

BBC: Malcolm Glazer's vow to fund Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson in the transfer market has been questioned by a leading business academic.

If you don’t read to the bottom of that BBC article, here is the last bit:

"I find it extraordinary that anyone reported Joel Glazer's 'interview' as an interview as such.

"This was on the station that he owns, with questions posed by, in effect, one of his own employees and in which, presumably, all the questions and answers were rehearsed previously.

"On their entire charm offensive, where the impression was that they had met and talked with absolutely everyone possible, they appear to have managed to avoid meeting a single supporter or coming up against a single independent journalist."

The reason I’m posting that bit is because I read about people like Bobby Charlton apparently being really impressed with the plan after meeting the Glazer delegation.

The Glazer interview appeared on Manchester United's MUTV pay-per-view television channel.

They control it all now… they can tell you whatever they want. That is the new paradigm hidden behind the interview smiles and chat room faces and new parasites who will now latch onto what was your club.

The truth is the numbers don’t add up, they will now try and sell the lie. You will buy this lie in the stands every week when ticket prices go up.

Giving Alex Ferguson transfer money is the bait and switch and will probably shut most of you up.
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