Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is Benitez really sunk?

Amazingly yes, just about. Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez appears to be on his last legs as manager of Liverpool and for one, I think it’s a disgrace.

Benitez will battle to keep his post but it seems only a matter of time like it did with Martin Jol and Sam Allardyce. Will he stay on for the rest of the season? Probably because I am really convinced that Jose Mourinho is going to be the next Liverpool manager.

To be so badly undermined when owner Tom Hicks admitted that he had attempted to recruit Jurgen Klinsmann to replace Benitez is a hard pill to swallow. This man has won the Champions League and has brought the team back to life. Fernando Torres would never be a Red without him. And that brilliant goal at the weekend shows why Liverpool are going to be a force soon. Unless the revolving door starts up again.

Benitez, it has been revealed, was already aware of the meeting with Klinsmann in California all the way back in November. So it looks like he was going to be sacked if he did not make it to the next round of the Champions League. The party line is he was contacted in case Benitez left for Real Madrid. BS.

As of now, Benitez is a lame duck. How can he effectively manage the transfer window and the dressing room with endless speculation? Usually you can blame guys like me for that, but this time it came from right in your own backyard. George Gillet and Tom Hicks have not been terribly slick in their management of Liverpool so far and while they have put in cash, it takes more than that to really succeed. Look at Newcastle. Now Benitez is not a saint in this, but really, have his comments in the past led to this? No. Pressure for success has. Liverpool want it yesterday.

Often times, this kind of pressure makes want it yesterday become wish it were last season.


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