Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rafa re-opens transfer money debate at Liverpool

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has given an interview to Spanish paper AS in which he discussed the amount of funding that has been spent on players at the club and complained that the Reds are not even at the same level of Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal but are expected to be title contenders.

From the owners perspective, the team has spent alot, from Benitez’s perspective, their spending is not even in line with the top 3. Manchester United have spent some 70m pounds this season, only a fraction of what Liverpool have spent.


“There's a misunderstanding when people speak of the money Liverpool have spent. Between what we have spent and recovered, we're at a similar level to those at the top but not the biggest sides ... we have spent 40 something million and recovered 26 million.”

He’s actually correct. Liverpool have really spent very little when you compare the players which have left the club and those that have joined. I’ve always agreed with Benitez on the transfer row. The American owners don’t yet understand the intricacies of the European transfer market and Benitez does.

Benitez again:

"Many people say we have to win the title because of the money we have spent but other teams such as United, Chelsea, Newcastle United or Aston Villa have also spent a lot of money. Arsenal have been spending a lot on young players for years and now are reaping the rewards. "

Last year Jose Mourinho complained that he had defensive problems and needed a central defender. Now Benitez has the same problem. I will fault Rafa for not considering injuries at the beginning of the season and signing someone, but this is the moment to correct it.

"We have a central defensive problem because it was not possible to close a deal for Gabriel Heinze and then Daniel Agger was injured. That is forcing us to play with Sami Hyypia, who is 34, and Jamie Carragher for two games a week and with the intensity here, it is not easy to support this. Our idea is to bring a balance to the team in that position."

Agreed. The owners must face reality and not just focus on the new ground.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess you should'nt have sold out to the yanks then eh? This foreing ownership bubble will burst - spectacularly, and Liverpool, United etc are going to feel the pain.

12/15/2007 2:36 PM  
Anonymous LondonGooner said...

Ahhhhh poor Rafa, i wish he would shut up whinging and moaning!!! He has spent over £130 million since taking over Liverpool, fair enough he has got some of that money back but he has spent more every season than Wenger has so why is he crying now because we spend 4 million on a youngster and he gets to spend £24 million on a striker!? get over it mate and grow up!

12/15/2007 2:41 PM  
Anonymous si-lo said...

Everybody has to make a profit long term - a foreign buyer comes with cash but soon prudency will be their mantra.

Rafa's reference to Arsenal is pretty confused or confusing. Arsenal's current young crop Fabregas, Clichy, Bedntner,Eboue, Denilson, Diarra were all bought for very little. Walcott is the only big money young signing from several seasons ago.

Chelsea's spending has fallen off massively over the last year.

Only Man united have kept up the tide of cash being thrown on foreign imports.

Is Rafa's new case of bleating on about the spending gap preperation for a bad result this weekend?

12/15/2007 2:49 PM  
Anonymous TrueGUNNER said...

Rafa just has to stop his moaning. This guy is just after covering-up his inabilities. I see him heading Mour's way soon. I agree his defense is a little weak but honestly if he efficiently used his attacking options one wouldn't even notice any of the defensive weaknesses. Remember Del Bosque and his weak defense but very strong striking? Borrow a leaf Rafa.

12/15/2007 4:51 PM  

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