Saturday, January 05, 2008

Will Capello give the forgotten great a chance?

New England manager Fabio Capello flies into the England today and will head to Birmingham for tonight’s FA Cup match between Aston Villa and Manchester United. But will he come to see fresh faces, England regulars or will an England manager finally give Gareth Barry a real chance?

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Everyone knows that Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard don’t play well together in midfield, but star-power has always forced managers to select the pair instead of constructing a team which is balanced and has good chemistry. Barry has the perfect resume.

All indications are that Capello is there to see Gabriel Agbonlahor who has truly been outstanding, but he should keep a close eye on Barry who has been so consistent throughout his career, a real leader on the pitch and, oh ya, takes penalties really well.

If any manager is willing to buck big names for a good side, its Capello, and personally, I would view his inclusion of Barry as an indication of great things. His first game in charge will be in February against Switzerland.

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