Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is Fernandes heading back to Everton?

There has been ripe speculation surrounding Everton and Valencia over a potential move for Portuguese international midfielder Manuel Fernandes but reports are contradictory which has sparked comment from David Moyes, and then more speculation and then a run in with Spanish police to boot.

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Fernandes angered Everton supporters over them summer when the then Benfica player grew tired of Everton’s dilly-dallying and decided to sign for Valencia instead. The move has not turned out so well for the talented player and a move back to Everton was apparently awaiting a signature until, it appears, Spanish police have told the player he cannot leave the country while an investigation takes place. He also angered Benfica supporters when he promised he would stay.

Some reports have him stealing a watch, others vomiting in public, others after an argument in a nightclub. If anything, it appears English speaking newspapers should invest in some better translators.

Another report suggests that Fernandes is free without charge, but that no deal is actually in place. And yet another report suggests that no discussions have taken place at all.

What to believe? How about none of it.

The only thing we do know is that Valencia want to sell. Sporting Director Miguel Angel Ruiz has publically commented that he wants to transfer the 12m pound player.

He’s available: that much we know.

Moyes, for his part has rejected the speculation which appears to indicate that it’s the press inventing this, or is it the fans that want the player.

Any way you look at it, he was good, wasn’t? Fernandes made a mistake not being patient and joining Everton. People make mistakes, the fans appear ready to forgive, and he appears ready to sign. Will Moyes and the board agree? The only thing left is the very fickle Everton transfer policies.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

bring em back, all is forgiven

1/08/2008 4:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another report suggests that Fernandes is free without charge, but that no deal is actually in place. And yet another report suggests that no discussions have taken place at all.

any sources on that please

1/08/2008 4:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have heard through a "Club source" that he has already signed and we await his release from prison for fighting on his 21st birthday celebrations, he would appear ready made for us then....seriously though this guy could be the best yet, just get us a good right back and that could make up for our years of heart break....

1/08/2008 5:12 PM  
Anonymous Daz said...

Just a couple of points to comment one from your aritcle:

You say he never joined Everton due to our Dilly Dallying....You will find any hold up was caused due to doing things correctly and avoiding a points dedcution due to third party Ownership, or in WHU's case a fine!

Secondly, can you please elaborate on 'Everton's Fickle Transfer policies' By this do you mean, reluctancy to pay over the odds? Everton's willingness to give promising players from lower divisions a chance? Im confused!!

1/08/2008 5:30 PM  
Blogger Football Commentator said...

1 - Everton took forever to sort it out, I watched it fairly closely and asked a few Portuguese folks what the papers were saying and his agent was complaining that it was taking too long.

2 - Everton are notorious for taking a long time to sign players. No, I dont mean reluctant to pay over the odds, I mean that Everton has always been very cautious when signing a player, often to their detriment.

1/08/2008 5:54 PM  
Anonymous Daz said...

1. Yes, you are missing my point, I agree it took a long time to sort out, but this was down to Premier Legaue rules and the time they took to advise what needed to be put in place, not Everton's fault.

2. Yes, some transfers are strung out, but the ones which fell through due to this I cannot say Everton have missed, Nugent, Sissoko, Barton but to name a few. To the contrary, Evertons rushed transfers have been the poorer since Moyes took over, i.e., Van Der Meyde, Beattie, Davies and the ones which took longer to finalise have been a major success, i.e. Arteta, Johnson, Cahill were all in the papers etc long before we signed, so I still stick by my point

1/08/2008 6:00 PM  
Blogger Football Commentator said...

Man U and Liverpool sorted Tevez and Mascherano out fast enough, so I dont agree. Everton takes longer than other clubs to sign players, I applaud caution, but with Fernandes, it hurt them. They had a great player already tested on loan and he slipped thru their hands.

1/08/2008 6:17 PM  
Anonymous Daz said...

It did take Man U a while to sign Tevez and they still dont own him do they??? They will have to go through the sam if they want to own him, as will Liverpool, so you will see, it will be the same for them aswell

1/08/2008 6:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you possibly say the Tevez deal was sorted out fast enough?! Nobody still knows who owns him, likewise Mascherano!!
We were trying to get Manny on perm, thats why it took longer.

1/08/2008 6:42 PM  

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