Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Big Shock: Big Sam out at Newcastle

Former Bolton manager Sam Allardyce is now the former Newcastle United manager, as the club have announced a parting by “mutual consent”. This makes Big Sam the 8th manager to leave his post this season, almost half the Premiership.

Newcastle currently sit 11th in the Premier League table, which gave Allardyce only 24 games in charge at the club and adds his name to the seemingly endless list of former Newcastle managers. Alan Shearer appears to be in pole position to leave the warm and comfy seat on Match of the Day and take over the reins.

Nigel Pearson, the first team coach, will take charge of the upcoming Premier League game on Saturday with Manchester United. Newcastle just can’t seem to stabilize under any circumstances. The supporters had very high hopes that Allardyce would bring the club around, and I fully expected him to succeed. In fact, if they would have given him more time, he probably would have. Newcastle had lots of problems, but none were unsolvable, the only thing you can’t control is the pressure at a top club and supporters clamoring for something better. They wanted better than the 0-0 FA Cup draw against Stoke.

For a former Newcastle player with no experience in charge, this will be a very big uphill climb if in fact Shearer takes over, one I must say that he probably can’t succeed in. All power to him though, but this is a nut some decent managers have not been able to crack.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is it with Newcastle? The manager's job has become a 'poison challice'. You are a club with the most unrealistic expectations. Mid table is where you belong and with that type of management strategy that's where you will stay, at best.

1/09/2008 6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mid table where we belong? who are you to say that? sams teams and tactics were awfull to watch, we believe in giving a manager time, but it has to be the right one. im glad all links with the shepherd era are over, and can non nufc supporters please keep out of it as you all dont know anything abut our beloved team

1/09/2008 7:02 PM  

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