Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Inter Milan shopping Adriano swap

Inter Milan have approached just about every club in Europe which has an unsettled striker with Chelsea being the latest. Inter have approached AC Milan about a swap for Alberto Gillardino, Barcelona about Eto’o, and Real Madrid for Antinio Cassano. It seems like ‘someone, anyone’ time at Inter. Will Thierry Henry at Arsenal be next?

Having been newly crowned champions in Italy this season, the club have grown tired of Adriano’s off the pitch antics, ole-lets-party lifestyle and often stubborn disposition. Both manager Roberto Mancini and president Massimo Moratti have signaled his time at Inter is finished.

Unfortunately for Inter, Adriano’s reputation has now preceded him. Once the talk of Europe for a run of amazing form, his career has started to crumble to the point that other clubs are not willing to trade their wash-up’s to Inter for him.

Approaches have been made to AC Milan for Alberto Gillardino to no avail followed by a no thanks from Barcelona for Samuel Eto’o plus cash. Real Madrid have tried for a swap with super-flop Antonio Cassano but even Inter cringed at that one.

Now it appears Inter Milan are going to abandon the continent and try to lure a player away from England. Reports have surfaced that Inter have made an offer to swap Adriano for Chelsea misfit Andriy Shevchenko. I cannot imagine Jose Mourinho would want a new distraction in Adriano, regardless of how lost a cause Shevchenko might become. I think Chelsea have bigger worries.

Another possibility which has been rumored is that Inter are considering approaching Arsenal to swap for striker Theirry Henry. I can imagine Arsene Wenger would be even less thrilled, not to mention the supporters.

Ah, the travails of the party boy lifestyle... when will they learn? Kimi Raikonnen and Jenson Button have both seen their careers in Formula 1 start to wither, look at poor Paul Gascoigne and a host of other players. Even David Beckham’s football career went downhill as his fame increased.

Have a good career, have some fun, don’t abuse it because it’s delicate thing to stay on top. Always remember to pillage BEFORE you burn.


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we'd rather have the kgb agent than the lumbering loose cock

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