Wednesday, December 01, 2004


From what I had seen early on about Adriano I was not enthused. Although the physique was impressive I didn’t sense the player had the right natural gifts or was coached in a strange way early on, or, well something, something didn’t seem right. Inter Milan seem to be a good fit.

This season I have been impressed with Adriano, indeed very impressed. He has flourished, and whatever it was that I didn’t see earlier in his career has emerged. He is a complete striker. Poaching, heading and individual skill: it’s all there. The same phenomenon was true for Terry Henry, although I suspect this was because he was played out of position a lot at Juventus.

I find his play most compelling along side the slight Nigerian Obafemi Martins. If find Martins in his own right a wonderful striker and provides a better balance on the pitch because of his size and quickness. Vieri and Adriano look a bit clumsy together up front and suffer unless there is a lot of crossing.

Adriano will continue to improve, he is now primed for a starting place on the 2006 World Cup squad and is just moving into a strikers most productive years. He’s big, strong, athletic, decisive and can finish. Look out.
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