Friday, January 04, 2008

Newcastle: you get what you pay for

Sam Allardyce is under pressure at Newcastle United and it appears to be getting worse as it has emerged that one of his expensive signings over the summer will not be returning for at least 3 games. Joey Barton is in trouble again.

Barton was freed from prison earlier this week where he was held on charges of assault. Newcastle paid Manchester City 5.8m pounds for Barton last summer and there is a good chance he may never play for them again.

Barton was initially refused bail by a magistrate and it leaves Newcastle's lawyers to determine if the bail conditions will allow him to play. Why would they want him to? I’m not sure I’d want someone who is likely be a sociopath playing for my club.

Sam Allardyce's magic has disappeared, after all the troubled players he’d brought into Bolton Wanderers it looks like the trouble with Barton will never end. Newcastle have had their share of of notorious characters like Lauren Robert over the years so what did Big Sam do first? Sign Joey Barton.

So Joey spent New Year’s in jail. What a comedy. Just look at his history:

• Beat up Ousmane Dabo
• Assaulted a 15 year old Everton supporter
• Stubbed a cigar out in a youth player's eye
Showed rear end to Everton crowd during Premiership match

For me, its time to expel Joey Barton from English football. Problems are there to be sorted, he has shown that he just can’t so let him rot in ‘what could have been’ and get into pub fights.


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