Saturday, June 09, 2007

Vasquez’s cheeky stunner

You see it training, but how often do you see a goal like this? And on top of that your FIRST GOAL for your new club IFK Gothenburg of Sweden? Well, what they call the ‘rabona’ or cross kick happened with Andres Vasquez against Orebro SK.

The 19 year old Peruvian midfielder can hardly ever top this effort in what has to go down as one of the most amazing goals ever scored. You must just stop for a moment and consider how difficult it is to wrap one leg around the other and float a ball so perfectly over a keeper –with the outside of your foot!

Vasquez defended well and caught a Orebro player out near his own box. He dribbled towards goal and on the edge of the area as the ball rolled he moved his left leg behind his right and with the outside of his left foot chipped the ball perfectly into the opposite corner of the goal.

This move, known as the ‘rabona’ was invented by Italian Giovanni Roccotelli in the 1970s.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am convinced he didn't mean to score this goal. I think he was trying to cross it. If he had the time, space and opportunity to chip the keeper, there is no way a player would use a complcated technique like that when a regular chip would be far more likely to go in. Seeing the keeper off his line, and having those 2 defenders shadowing him, there is no way he would have shot with a technique like. I don't care what anyone says, he didn't mean it.

6/19/2007 11:50 PM  

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