Friday, June 08, 2007

Ronaldinho’s cannon shot

Against Sevilla in 2006 Barcelona’s Ronaldinho blasted a monstrous strike which certainly goes down as his greatest ever goal.

From inside his own half, Ronaldinho was dribbling forward and stuttered as a defender approached. A quick flick to the right saw him past the first challenge and then in short succession a second, as Ronaldinho used the defenders pace against him and forced him forward as he again jinked right to open up space.

With a made wide on the left and a striker in good position for a thru-ball, Ronaldinho audaciously extended his right leg to let loose a cannon of a shot which rose and then dipped just slightly enough to dip under the bar. The keeper might as well have been swatting at flies. It was a goal that dripped brilliance.


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