Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The season that was: Wenger vs Pardew

I wanted to post a few articles about some of the most interesting moments of the 2007 Premiership season. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger can be as fiery as any manager around. He looks a right pushover, but don’t him angry as former West Ham manager and part time twinkle-toes dancer Alan Pardew learned.

When Marlon Harewood scored a last minute winner against Arsenal at Upton Park last November Mr. Pardew decided to dance the jig in front of Wenger and yell out to him “That one was made in England”. Not the most sportsman-like move, it must be said. That really set Wenger off into what can only be described as a thin man’s version of Sumo. Great comedy unless you were a Gunner watching your team drop 3 points in what was truly a great goal.

Wenger topped it all off when he refused to shake Pardew’s hand and got a fine of 10,000 pounds for what was labeled 'aggressive behaviour'. I would call it excessive comedy, especially how mad all the Arsenal players were.


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