Sunday, July 03, 2005

Club chairman calls Sepp Blatter ass

Wolverhampton Wanderers chairman Rick Hayward has really laid into FIFA president Sepp Blatter over a new move which will restrict transfers with Football League clubs to match the same rules as English Premiership clubs.

FIFA has been looking for a common policy for transfers which would cover leagues around the world. Hayward said:

"I can't see any reason for it whatsoever, but of course, it comes from FIFA and that idiot Sepp Blatter"


"I don't know what his problem is, but he's a complete ass as far as I'm concerned”

While I think Sepp Blatter runs FIFA like his little kingdom, a common policy would be a positive step because the behavior in Europe is saintly compared to behavior in many other countries.

Blatter’s brushes with cronyism make me wonder just who benefits in this new scheme. Too often when FIFA moves in to regulate, a new, more subtle form of corruption replaces the local system.
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