Sunday, July 03, 2005

FC Roma get transfer ban, others get wrist-slap

Roma have received a ban by FIFA for one year for recruiting players illegally. Roma will also need to pay 8 million euros in compensation to Auxerre.

Last year Roma encouraged AJ Auxerre defender Philippe Mexes to break his contract. Then the player quit the club and signed for Roma without informing his club, a totally outrageous move.

This is an unprecedented punishment will serve notice but in the current climate of transfers and outrageous fees for agents, it’s too little too late by too many foot draggers inside FIFA.

bhad a bad season last year, losing the ability to transfer might actually give them some time to get their finances in order and players some focus.

But recent purchases of Monaco striker Shabani Nonda and Sammy Kuffour from German club Bayern Munich are probably junked now.

FIFA gingerly handed Mexes a six-week suspension. As far as I know the agent received no punishment.

To me, the player seems to always get off easily. I think that contributes to the problem. FIFA want to be heavy handed but they should also consider being even handed and spread the blame.

Players encourage this behavior just as much as clubs and agents do.

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