Saturday, July 02, 2005

Great new rule closer to adoption

Apparently the new rule by FIFA to counter time wasting tactics has been too harshly interpreted during its trial run at the World Youth Championship.

The rule was instituted to caution players caught delaying the game but it got out of hand when keepers were being carded by helping get the ball back in play and opposing players picking the ball up and walking to spot the ball at the foul.

Basically, in the first few games anyone that touched the ball got a card.

FIFA president Sepp Batter said the rule needed adjustment before this fall’s under 17 tournament in Peru.

Italy was the most penalized thru the new rule during the tournament.

I agree, the rule needs refinement but it’s an excellent rule which should definitely be adopted, it improves the flow of the game significantly and more importantly stops players complaining because they know the ball is about to move again.
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