Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Kezman joins Crespo abroad, becomes crybaby

Mateja Kezman is going to Spain’s Atletico Madrid for 5+ m euros.

He claims Chelsea never believed in him. I disagree. I didn’t believe he’d do well there, but Chelsea sure did since they paid money.

Kezman knew going in he was not going to be starting so his role was simple: get in there as a sub, cover for some injuries and get a few goals, maybe stake a claim by scoring a game winner or something.

That was his role and he failed to deliver. He’s been sold for the same price he came in at. Equal value is a move sideways, and to a decent team so he has no cause to cry. He got enough minutes to prove himself.

What he showed me was that his style of play is not quick enough for England. So he should be reasonable: it’s not a question of belief in him, he didn’t adapt or impress the coaching staff enough.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

... I totally agree - cfc was very fair to Kezman – we gave him plenty of opportunities to prove himself - we even gave him some free-bees in the form of penalties (he wasn’t first choice - but Mourinho put him on the spot to get him going)... so he has NOTHING to b*tch about... he will probably do well in Spain - but certainly shouldn’t complain about Chelsea - both the manager, the team and the supporters where 100% behind him - so to hear him moan like this is very disappointing – certainly not a Legend and Gentleman like Zola….

Probably for the better that he went – we need a world class striker and Kezman probably never fitted that bill…

6/30/2005 7:59 AM  

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