Monday, June 27, 2005

Juventus brush off Chelsea, want Arsenal captain Vieira

Chelsea have bid for a host of top strikers and are striking out.

Juventus told Chelsea no when they offered a rumored 40 million euros for striker David Trezeguet. This on the heels of rejections from Barcelona, Inter and AC Milan.

If that figure is true, whoa, then that is too much. Trezeguet brings goals, but not 40 million worth. If that figure is true, Chelsea are paying a bigger wealth tax than I thought.

In response the northern Italian side has come out and said they want Arsenal’s Patrick Vieira. Juventus are nuts.

"What we want is a midfield partner for Emerson - and our wish is to buy Vieira if Arsenal are willing to sell" - managing director Luciano Moggi

Why would Patrick Vieira go and play defensive football? He said no to Real Madrid just last season because he wanted to play Arsenal style football and somehow he is supposed to want the Italian brand?

Talk about Zidane's wife but you know he left to Spain for the open play.

Italian clubs have not faced the reality that most of the worlds top stars hardly go to Italy anymore, mostly Italian clubs pick up their stars first time like Kaka, Adriano or Shevchenko. It’s the defensive, climbing in your shirt playing style. Nobody likes to play it and nobody likes to watch it.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ironically enough, italian sides are still the pinacle of european football. inter never lost in the champions league until they played milan i believe and juve won six straight matches 1-0 in the group stages. no big italian side plays defensively, how can you still be so ignorant. chelsea play defensively, you muppet.

7/03/2005 2:50 PM  

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