Sunday, June 26, 2005

Brazil teach Germany another lesson

Going into the World Cup my suspicions were confirmed about two things:

  • Germany has no chance of winning on home soil
  • Brazil’s defense will leak goals

What I wasn’t sure of is if Brazil could play rough and win. Outgunned, yesterday in the Confederations Cup, Germany adopted the “everyone do like Robert Huth” playing style and Brazil won with talent.

Brazil can win ugly, but it does not take much to upset their balance, as Argentina beat them handily, ugly, recently in a qualifier.

The lanky, akward German side has a long way to go. Without Bastian Schweinsteiger Germany looked hopeless. Like always, the technical quality was there, but little more creativity than to chase a long ball.

And they wonder why the German league's popularity is waning.

Of note, I truly can’t stand the way defender Robert Huth plays. There was a German defender in the 60’s which hunted Pele (injuring him twice) and played like a brute. Huth is of that mold, nobody gets within a meter of him without hitting the ground. When you watch replays, his negative intent is regularly clear.

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