Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A two horse race already?

While the points may not yet tell the tale, the trend going into the middle of the season is for Arsenal and Manchester United to pull away in a two horse race. Chelsea and Liverpool are talented, but the top two looks to have more horsepower and edge to pull away.

If you notice, Avram Grant has lost twice to the top 4. That 2% that Mourinho added has cost them, while they have beaten teams they should have beaten, they have lost to Arsenal, a team they have not lost to for over 2 years. Losing John Terry, that happened last year as well, remember?

Liverpool have the same syndrome. A draw was at least demanded at home for their onset of players, but another loss to the top 4 sucks the air out of their confidence. Its not Benitez can’d do it. They beat Chelsea solidly early in the season, before Mourinho left. They have what it takes, but the rotation policy doesn’t explain their inconsistency. Winning the Champions League didn’t send them to the next level. They are a player or two away, and Fernando Torres is truly El Nino.

Chelsea is out of it as far as I am concerned. Liverpool, with the potential of a group of very fit players at the end of the season could make a strong run if they hit a stretch of form. I know what Benitez is trying to do, and I respect his confidence that at the end of the season he will be there with so many combinations tested that he may play his best 11 for a stretch of 10 games and win them all.

Arsenal and Manchester United are not going to pull away from eachother. The gap between them is so close. It looks like William Gallas, scoring the winner at the weekend really looks like the team’s new Patrick Viera and a side with so much pace and incredible passing is hard to beat not to mention attractive to watch. With Crisitano Ronaldo the owner of the team and a great defense who can bet against United? There is so much stability there, and is the team that can cope with injuries better than any other team in the Premiership.

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Anonymous football dave said...

I dunno whether i would narrow the horse race down to two just yet - personally i would love to see liverpool win it - not that im a scouser, its just the underdog always holds a good place in my heart. It tighter than a ducks arse between the top 4 and sundays games proved that. I scooped quite a big prize after my football betting antics at the weekend but i don't think i am brave enough to be betting on the outcome of the eventual premier league winner just yet :)

12/18/2007 11:16 AM  
Anonymous bet on football said...

i reckon all the hammers fans who are partial to a bit of football betting will be having a wealthy start to 2007/2008...
Saturdays victory over the reds proved the horse race is just heating up...

happy new year folks

12/31/2007 12:40 PM  

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