Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dechamps quits Juventus: Lyon next? Even Manchester City?

Didier Deschamps has quit Juventus after a single season and after leading them to promotion from Serie B to Serie A. Could Lyon or even Manchester City be his next destination?

Juventus were demoted last season, beginning the season on -9 points for match fixing. The former Monaco manager may return to France with Lyon but, and pure speculation here, Manchester City might be exactly the place for him. He’s proven he can rebuild a team and work under tough conditions, exactly what Man City need. Recall he played for Chelsea for a while so I don't know how well he's mastered his English, but Dechamps has become a much better manager than I ever thought he would and could do well in England.

I never liked Dechamps much as a player. No special reason, he just never piqued my interest the same way David Beckham or Raul never has, tons of success though. I thought the Champions League march to the final with Monaco was a fluke. I have changed my mind. He’s consistent and knows what he is doing -deserves a chance in the Premiership.

Deschamps last won the Champions League with Juve in 1996 and took command following their troubles and demotion.

Lyon is the more likely destination following Gerard Houllier’s departure but if I were Man City, I’d consider rolling the dice on some fresh blood.
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