Thursday, May 24, 2007

AC Milan take revenge, didn't deserve it

AC Milan have taken revenge on Liverpool for their 2005 Champions League defeat to become European Champions for the 7th time.

It was certainly not a classic like the 2005 encounter, Milan played with typical economy and ground out a 2-1 win in a season where they should not have even been there. It’s a bit hard to accept: a team which last year was implicated in the worst match fixing scandal in Italy’s colorful history of football corruption had its penalty reduced (allowing them into the competition) and has now lifted the trophy. Spare a thought for the football purist.

Liverpool tried to be adventurous but a certain zing was lacking. No player on the field for Liverpool stands out for criticism any more than an AC Milan player stands out for praise. It was a tense game which both teams tried hard to avoid mistakes, and inevitably that’s a race to the bottom. In 2005 it was all out, last night seemed weighted down by the recent history of that game and made things tense and frankly a bit boring. If it were not for Xabi Alonso’s ill advised tackle on Kaka just outside the center of the box which gave Pirlo and Milan (deflected by Inzaghi) a fluke goal, it might have been different.

Benitez (who has yet to find a decent tailor –guy has never worn a suit that fits) directed the team regularly from the sidelines but the team was a bit listless on a night where Milan looked like they could have been taken. Milan’s passing was erratic and Kaka didn’t have nearly the same impact as he’d had throughout the competition, Liverpool defended better and at times (especially in the first period) were in control of the match. The only period where AC Milan looked dangerous was around the 60th minute and late on. Liverpool looked tired as doubt and the reality of the situation started getting to them until a dangerous moment where Gerrard was thru on goal, it was the chance, and the talisman should have scored.

Gerrard found space all night and in the end was the best player on the pitch but Liverpool could not capitalize. Good long passing and holding in midfield but lots of crosses to an empty box and lack of the ball late on.

In the 82nd minute Inzaghi finished cleanly as Liverpool looked to be tiring. That goal sparked Liverpool into a late surge which ended in a Dirk Kuyt goal but a repeat of 2005, well, it was not to be. Liverpool played the last 8 minutes the way they needed to play the whole night. It was not enough effort and it should indeed have ended differently.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was a sh*tty game all told

5/24/2007 6:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do all you guys talk through your back sides. Liverpool played exceedingly well and did not merit defeat, but thats football for you. They played hundred times better than manure who were out classed by kaka gattuso and sedorff, But against liverpool they were non exsistant and Mascherano was class apart.. so you are either a manure or cheshit supporter or some kind of sour grape person..Liverpool will be back make no mistake and Benitez will make us great and proud as he always has! And as for his suit I tell you something He is smarter than that Big Red Nose Chewing gum son of a bitch Ferguson , That man sucks with Jealousy He just wishes and dreams that he will achive what liverpool have A greedy old man Who's time is up cause next year we are gonna be champions watch this space

5/24/2007 6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't understand why all you people who do not follow Italian soccer as close continue to judge AC Milan with the regards last Summer's scandal. All I know is that in the past years AC Milan have won the Scudetto , once, the rest were mainly Juventus!!!!! seems akward to me cheat for 2nd place, well. Besides they have always shown their true value in the champions league, as the statistics speak for themselves. Ac Milan suffered an unjustice nothing else and once again they have triumphed, to become the world's top winning international club. Is that enough for you guys!!!!!

5/24/2007 7:26 PM  
Blogger Football Commentator said...

I think the point I am making is that AC Milan did cheat, wherever they finished in the league and did not belong in the Champions League because of it.

Even a 2nd place has value, it gets them automatic qualification into the Ch League.

I would suggest that the other teams in Serie A have suffered the injustice becuase I doubt that this is the first time AC has ever cheated, especially with that horrible Berlusconi as the owner.

5/24/2007 7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had no idea that the uk media were such sucks. Fluke? if you had a clue about the game fella, you'd know that it was a solid kick that deflected off a player in great position. Intentinal no, but if you had a clue about either player you'd know that they both have done this many times.

The only fluke would be if you actually got paid to post your rubbish.

5/24/2007 10:13 PM  
Blogger Alston said...

First have you even reviewed the evidence against Milan. The facts as far as they were documented were that Milan complained about the performances of referees AFTER games. The head of the Referee selection Committee was found to be corrupt and since the head of the League was the Vice president of Milan he must have been corrupt. What was not proven was that his complaints resulted in changes in referees. In fact in many of the games after the complaints it was shown that Milan had to contend with the same referees that they had complained about. If they cheated the all the top teams have cheated because they all have complained about referees with some threatening mayhem if certain referees are selected. In fact in the premiership, La Liga and the Bundesliga in particular there are home town referees that as Jose or Wenger would say "as soon as you see them you know the result"

In the case of Juventus the complaints happened before matches and changes were immediately made to their benefit. In fact for key games "friendly referees were selected including referees who openly supported them.

For a number of seasons Milan's owner was hounded by his political opponents on many matters. There are many that hold that the since the head of the Tribunal was a political appointee by his opponents and a known anti-Berlesconi Judge had a lot to do with the result. In fact he has several failed attempts at pinning something on the Milan owner. The fact is without the stringent FIFA limitations on taking the league etc to court they could have won handsomely because it was a case based on supposition and contrary to evidence. Further to that UEFA had to let them in because they realised this. The injustice that Milan faced is documented and I think before you speak as though it were fact you ought to verify it.

5/27/2007 5:26 AM  

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