Monday, May 07, 2007

The hammer that didn’t come down

West Ham have dodged a bullet. Clubs like Wigan, Charlton Athletic, Sheffield United and Watford should be angry about it since the English FA has failed in its duties to dock West Ham points for lying and fielding illegal players.

Carlos Tevez and Javier Macherano have never been owned by West Ham, a structure that is illegal. West Ham lied and said they were legal players. You can’t field a player like that. For some bizarre reason the Leauge took forever to make a ruling and to compound the delay declared that there would be no point deduction because of how late in the season the decision was made. Unbelievable. Compound this with a run of form by the Hammers which has taken them just above the drop zone and you have a group of clubs at the bottom with plenty of reasons to be pissed.

Wigan chairman Dave Whelan is leading the cries of outrage. The FA has so far done nothing.

This kind of half-baked discipline from the FA is nothing new. The bung inquiry failed to name names. And somehow Macherano is now playing for Liverpool when 2 transfers in a season is also against the rules. Macherano got a special ruling and has suddenly started playing well. He was a goof at West Ham. To his credit, Tevez has stuck around and made the difference for the clubs survival hopes.

Not only should the bottom rung sue West Ham, they should also sue the League who should not be hiding behind the skirts of an ‘independent commission’.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are you blaming the FA, when they're not responsible? Is it so difficult to understand that it's the Premier League who run and regulate their own competition, rather than the FA?

5/07/2007 7:12 PM  
Anonymous The Ledge said...

Its nothing short of a disgrace but hardly unusual. The FA, the Premier League and the Football League are all run by limp dicks who wouldn't know justice if it came up and tossed them off. One rule for the favoured few and one rule for the rest of us I'm afraid.

5/07/2007 8:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Er, I hate to point out glaring errors in your ill-researched diatribe, but why do you think it's illegal to field players that you don't own. Ever heard of loans?
The fact is the deal that West Ham had with MSI over these two players is quite common in South America, and will become increasingly more common over here as the game becomes even more money orientated. These are still in effect 'loans;, but the player is 'owned' by a company and not another club.

5/22/2007 2:15 PM  

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