Saturday, May 12, 2007

The next Zidane is here

You hear about how Barcalona’s Lionel Messi is the new Maradona, how Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo is the new George Best, but we now have a new Zidane playing for Real Madrid, and he is the real thing.

Enzo Zidane, all of 12 years old, is the son of the great Zinedine and is a member of the Real Madrid youth side that just recently beat Barca to the Mediterranean International Cup. The resemblance is unmistakable. They play the same position, show the same body movement and young Enzo even does the infamous ‘roulette’ or ‘ruleta’ move that his father made his own. In the video below, he even pulls it off.

Enzo was named after Zinedine’s favorite player as a child, the former Uruguayan international Enzo Francescoli. All indications are that Enzo has what it takes. He’s effective (scored off a free kick in the game), elegant and has a leg up on everyone at the academy with such a famous dad.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

how much pressure will there be on this poor kid? We used to have Nicky Summerbee - so there was no pressure on him lol!! But being Zidane's lad - jeesh, glad it's not me!!

5/27/2007 2:15 PM  
Anonymous cara mia said...

Unfortunately the backlash has already started. At another youth tournament in Spain just this past week, the Real Madrid team was eliminated. Enzo didn't get much playing time in at all (less than an hour's worth in 5 games according to the press - so he may have even been sick) yet guess who bore the brunt of this defeat? The local media were like bloodthirsty dogs the way they savaged the poor kid calling him a failure and making all kinds of sarcastic and cruel remarks. They were interviewing rival players & coaches and they would say the nastiest things - it's obvious there's a lot of resentment & jealousy. He was even accused of being a diva because he was off limits to the press - as if that was his decision!! He's 12 years old, for god's sake!! I just hope Enzo develops really thick skin if he continues to play cause being Zidane's son might not be such a terrific advantage. I wish him well.

6/08/2007 9:49 AM  

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