Wednesday, May 25, 2005

And Liverpool win the Champions League

In the most improbable of stories, Liverpool FC have come from 3-0 down to win their first European crown in 21 years.

What a match of 2 halves and 2 goalkeepers. Same team in both halves, Liverpool, and same goalkeeper, Jerzey Dudek that made about 5 major errors in the game yet came thru in the penalty shootout (with a samba like leg shaking dance as the shooter approached, I would imagine to throw off the shooter) with 2 great saves.

This was one of the most amazing turn arounds I've ever seen, and in a Champions League final? That's special.

Milan, amazing in the first half, fell to pieces and the rest is history, a historic win for FC Liverpool on many levels. Read my last 3 posts and see for yourself the amazing turn around in 120 minutes.

I all but wrote Liverpool off, but great coaching by Rafael Benitez, a great turnaround by Xabi Alonso, Steven Gerrard and Luis Garcia led the sensational events.

Of mention also, Sammi Hyypia was fantastic in defense, the three Milan goals despite him.

Congratulations Liverpool on a win which could go down in their history as their greatest ever victory.


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Blogger injinuity said...

it was destiny I tell ya.

6/04/2005 11:09 PM  

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