Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Manchester United probably did make Ballack deal

It was announced today that Manchester United and Michael Ballack have made an agreement that he will join the team. I don't really buy the denials. Seems to me like it leaked.

The framework of the deal is that Ballack has agreed terms and will sign a pre-contract to join Manchester United in January and will begin playing at the start of the 2006 season. There are lots of reasons to believe its true.

The timing is impeccable as Roy Keane is set to retire from football leaving the position open for Ballack, albeit to Alan Smith’s dismay. Oh well, so much for coaches’ support.

Man U is Ballack’s choice club and Ballack also knows there is no competition for the place.

I’d say Manchester United got lucky but someone inside leaked it. Under the works it’s not so wonderful. Rumor is the reason the club didn’t swoop for the player earlier is that Glazer didn’t want to spend with only a year left on the contract.

Basically Ballack can get a huge salary offer from Chelsea in five months and can change his mind. Arsenal need him just as much as United.

I don't know. Ballack at a low price from the last contract year + his intention to leave + security you have him in England? Why noodle around.

I'd have slapped down the dough and Ferguson probably would have with last season's flexibility.


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Blogger El Tel said...

Ballack has been a class act for a long time. I'm surprised it's taken so long for strong evidence of a shift to the premiership, however, I'm not buying into the idea of a block from Glazer. What ole Malc' could do with right now is a big PR hit. It's not in his broader interests to stop a move.

8/03/2005 10:08 AM  
Anonymous Pie said...

I don't think so. The very same claims were made by Inter about a month back about Ballack. I think this was a move to unsettle him and Bayern, or he's flirting with teams shamelessly, without having to worry about repercussions.

8/04/2005 2:51 AM  

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