Saturday, July 30, 2005

Adu wants Chelsea chance

16 year old American footballer Freddy Adu from DC United has told the media he’d love a move to Stamford Bridge during a preseason exhibition against Chelsea.

"I definitely want to play for Chelsea one day; they’re my favorite club in England” –Adu

Adu looked more comfortable with DC United than the USA side which he joined in this summers FIFA World Youth Cup. He played well, nothing like the splash Christiano Ronaldo made when Manchester United played Sporting Lisbon in a friendly a couple of seasons back (ended up Ronaldo’s last game for Lisbon) but enough to merit a second look.

Adu reasonably needs a few seasons, probably 3, to achieve the polish and consistency required.

The American youth international had a conversation with Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho before the game began. Chelsea may have to begin looking other places than Europe for talent because of price. Adu, just thru hype, will get the internationals required. He’d be a juggernaut from a marketing perspective, that’s for sure.


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Blogger brummybhoy said...

price doesnt matter to chelsea!!! 24 million for drogba?! was it 8 million on tiago, just to sit on the bench? 25 million and counting for essien? remember they have a billionaires' bank account to play with and will pay well over the odds for the right men.

7/30/2005 5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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