Sunday, July 31, 2005

Owen Premiership return imminent

Real Madrid are reported as saying they will not stand in the way of a Michael Owen transfer. PR code for “let’s hear some offers”.

Now that Santos striker Robinho and Julio Baptista of Sevilla have joined Real Madrid they are well stocked and have signaled they are ready to sell. Realistically, Owen’s form will continue to be ignored so he’d do better to leave.

Generally this means a good price. Manchester United have been in the rumor mill for Owen, as well as Arsenal. A quick purchase benefits everyone and Owen still has a lot to offer.

Real Madrid’s purported asking price is in the 10m pound range. Manchester United are the more heavily linked team but it’s an open race now. Other Premiership clubs like Tottenham need a striker more than Manchester United does and could be encouraged now that Madrid has opened the door.

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