Saturday, August 06, 2005

Camara lowers price, joins Wigan

Wigan Athletic have signed Henri Camara for 3m pounds from Wolverhampton Wanderers after the player lowered his salary demand, which was out of Wigan’s reach.

The 28 year old Senegal international has signed a three-year contract for their first ever Premiership campaign. David Whelan, who also owns the city’s rugby team, has now broken the squads transfer record which previously stood at 2m pounds. With a 25,000 seat stadium, he can splash a little, otherwise it’s hopeless.

Camara might like to see some stability for a season. He played French for club Sedan’s top flight campaign after their miraculous rise from the French third division in the space of a few years. But after Sedan’s relegation he joined Wolverhampton Wanderers for 1.5m pounds in 2003 for their Premiership stint.

Wolves loaned the player to Celtic last season and eventually ened up at Southampton during the January transfer window. Relegation has sparked Camara to want to leave Southampton, insisting on top flight football.

If anything, he knows the ropes at the bottom of the league.
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