Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Shareholders United 2, Manchester United 0

Today David Gill, Manchester United's chief executive, has been called out in public by Nick Towle, the chairman of Shareholders United for failing to live up to his commitments. Gill had promised to quit United if Malcolm Glazer took over. He did not.

In addition it was revealed that David Gill offered Shareholders United a ‘contribution’ –read payoff, for options on its shares.

Towle’s comments appeared in the Guardian today with an admonition by Gill:

"I'm not going to deny it"

In addition, Shareholders United was kicked off the “United's Fans' Forum”. Gill recently informed the group that since shareholders no longer existed they don’t have a say anymore.

Nice, lies to Shareholders United about supporting them, and now suffocates the rest of their voice. It’s nice to have a little fiefdom like this, isn’t it? Where you can do whatever you want, Man U TV style, you know, you make the questions, and you answer to nobody.

That place where you raise the prices and will bring in busses of tourists if the supporters locally turn their backs: a ground where you have the global power to ignore people.

The additions to the stadium aren’t for you either; they are probably going to be skyboxes for the corporate machine to stay air conditioned.

As Mel Brooks said, “it’s good to be the king” and it’s the king’s comedy at work. (That means its funny for them, not for you)

I think the Michael Ballack agreement was real. I imply in that article that someone inside Manchester United leaked the news sparking denials from Ballack’s agent.

In addition I suspect 3 Manchester players don’t want to be there in large part because of the takeover. I think Rio Ferdinand is one. I’m not ready to show my cards on the other two; I want to see the start of the season first.

It’s not important, Ferdinand, et al, in the end, Manchester United’s new owners know there are dozens of qualified players which will line up to join.


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Anonymous roo said...

*out of lurk mode*
if i was a member of shareholder's united i'd be really peed off at gill too. just goes to show that no matter how much prior to the takeover, those in power at man ltd. talked about the integrity of football, the importance of fans and the other usual cliches, they themselves are in it to make money too. shame.
it'll be interesting to see how manutd fares in the league this season. the first weekend is right around the corner and if the team has an abysmal start (which may very well be on the cards, not just because of boardroom problems but the varied problems with ferdinand,keane and van nistlerooy), i don't think that many players will be queuing to sign.
they should really get owen's signature on paper asap ;)

8/04/2005 2:16 PM  

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