Sunday, August 14, 2005

Bolton vs Aston Villa took 10 minutes

Fours goal hit the net in 10 minutes at Villa Park yesterday and after that, you pretty much could have taken a nap.

On 4 minutes Aston Villa took the lead as Kevin Phillips took advantage of Bolton's Nickey Hunt crossing himself up with the keeper to convert the easy header.

Jittery Aston Villa defending led to the second goal. From a corner, 1 minute later, Kevin Davies evened the score. Again from a corner, Bolton took a 2-1 lead on 8 minutes, Ivan Campo providing the conversion.

Steven Davis restored the parody again for Aston Villa as the Bolton back line dozed into a 1-goal-lead-induced, 2 minute cat-nap. It was a decent enough goal, but schoolyard defending from Bolton Wanderers. 10 minutes, 2-2, last goal.

The following 80 minutes saw a few changes and chances but not even Jay Jay Okocha was enough to restore interest.

Aston Villa were average. Angel doesn’t see the ball much anymore. Remember when you were a kid and you never passed the ball to someone because they sucked, or, maybe that was you that couldn't score (or was it me?), anyway, in the adult world, more refined, we say ‘his teammates have lost confidence’, but didn’t it seem that way?

I seriously had an inkling Bolton were going to be the best looking team yesterday, my inkling turned into a 2-2 schminkling.


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