Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Fan behavior getting spooky

Is there some social undercurrent I’m not aware of? Otherwise, why have Spanish fans gotten more racist because I don’t recall Spanish fans making engaging in racism in the past. This past weekend Malaga was the site of racist abuse when keeper Carlos Kameni of Espanynol suffered monkey chants.

Particularly shocking in Spain is the type of chants are the same stadium to stadium, the “oooh ooo” sound to imitate an ape. Does a large swath across Spain find this particularly funny so that city to city one group takes over for the other, match to match, like the “crowd wave” spread in America? It is starting to happen all over the country and the Spanish FA and media don’t seem too interested. I think one club was fined a piddle of 700 Euros for monkey chants. At that rate, slavery will make a comeback.

Another interesting thing I am noticing all over Europe is people unable to respect moments of silence in the audience anymore. I point to the recent Tsunami benefit match and also the start of the men’s 200 meters at the Olympics this past summer in Greece. More scary, also in Greece, is the example of misbehavior at a football match where the stands of that shiny new Olympic stadium were partially destroyed after crowd trouble erupted.

To sum up the inane nature of this subject matter, there was an incident over the weekend when a Burnley supporter in England charged the field and menaced the Blackburn players. What was so amazingly dumb about this was that his team, Burnley, was playing their best football of the FA Cup match. Go figure.
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