Thursday, February 17, 2005


I wrote recently about Marek Mintal who, first year in the Bundesliga, is leading the scoring table. Coincidentally, in Portugal, Brazilian striker Liedson is doing the same. With 18 goals so far this season he is 5 clear of the closest chasing goalscorer. Liedson has scored those 18 goals in 20 games, and at 27 came over from Flamengo this summer; very late to make an impression.

Last night I watched him play for the second time and he looked super sharp. On one occasion faking dribbles in the 6 yard box on a moving ball by two defenders and the goalkeeper until a lucky defender caught a deflection; it was so close to a priceless goal. It reminded me of a goal Nwankwo Kanu scored for Arsenal years back where he faked the ball into the net without touching it, bamboozling everyone in his wake. Had it been a goal I would have hit the floor laughing, never underestimate how amusing a defenses reactions to goals can be.

Liedson is a polished 27 year old striker in his prime goalscoring years. I wonder if his age will be a detriment to bigger clubs paying him notice.


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