Monday, February 21, 2005

FA Cup replays add unnecessary matches

I think it’s time to drop FA Cup replays. They add unnecessary matches to the calendar and cause Premier League teams to go into other competitions like the Champions League tired. If you notice, UK clubs don’t have such a great record in Europe yet with the football of the highest quality. What causes this to happen, I don’t really know which league plays the most matches, but I suspect its England. If not, its high on the list and that has an impact come World Cup and European Cup time.

In some respects it’s a good thing because many players get matches that they wouldn’t normally get, the problem is that the coaches usually strengthen the side for the re-match.

Football can be too much of a good thing sometimes, and when you over-run the players you don’t see as good a match. I think this is also why many traditional powers have dropped out of the last two World Cup tournaments.
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