Sunday, February 13, 2005

Christiano Rolando draws endorsement contract

In addition to being very close to terms on a new Manchester United contract, Christiano Ronaldo has already signed with London jean company Pepe for an ad campaign beginning in March of this year.

Pepe sign on a player which is quickly becoming a globally recognized youth icon.

But let’s hope that Christiano keeps the focus on football because we've seen the impact of commercial success on other players which have worn the number 7.

I’ve enjoyed Ronaldo’s evolution as a player immensely, I’d seen him play for Sporting Lisbon a few time before the pre season friendly against Manchester United that sparked his transfer. If you recall the players approached Alex Ferguson after the game floored by his abilities.

Slowly, Ronaldo is showing signs of what is coming. Tricks and flicks aside, the kid is bursting at the seams with ability and as he gains more and more control over his talent, I expect we will see a world player of the year eventually.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

looked sharp today against city

2/13/2005 5:36 PM  

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