Friday, February 11, 2005

It’s not a joke unless everyone can laugh at the end

A radio station in Spain made contact with Arsenal’s Spanish international footballer Jose Antonio Reyes.

The DJ pretended to be Real Madrid’s sporting director and inquired about Reyes state at Arsenal.

Unfortunately Reyes admitted some uncomfortable things; things that may or may not be public within the team. We don’t know. Whatever happens, arriving at training today Reyes must have wondered what was waiting for him.

A player has a right to have their career decisions be private, like we do when we send out our CV’s and resumes. What would you say if it became public within your company you were looking for a new job and it was a ‘joke’?

At any point in this prank, the DJ had the chance to stop himself, he didn’t. Jose Reyes may not be comfortable in London, so what? Have you ever been uncomfortable living somewhere? There was no need to embarrass him over it.


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Blogger Soapy said...

Agree with you on that one, it was a fairly shitty thing to do. He always seems like a little boy lost to me anyway, taking advantage of him like that is terrible.

2/12/2005 11:37 AM  

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