Thursday, January 20, 2005

Manchester United vs Exeter: FA Cup replay

What can be said when a non-English league side like Exeter can extend a side like Manchester United for 180 minutes and only succomb to 2 goals?

We are comparing elite players to a side made up of players who have had their careers stall at some point in their respective lives. Is that gap really that small?

Probably not. There is a difference between 1 big game and the abilities needed to compete at the highest level for an entire season, and career for that matter. Exceter raised their game and were valliant, let that be clear, but we are not looking at a true comparison of teams.

One thing I do note about the game: Exceter were in great shape. They lasted the 90 minutes and didn't seem any more tired than United.

Its wonderful to see a team made up of such players battle a global big gun. It makes me feel, personally, that we "non-elites" are not so different from the elite. The elite should also take note that there is a fine line between where they are and where the rest of us are.


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Blogger Duniyadnd said...

I'll agree to the "season" vs. "1 game" to an extent. The fact that these are part time players and do not spend most of the day playing football as they have another job, it really brings Man Utd to shame. If they weren't part time players, that's a different story.

The gap must have been a mental gap, where Man Utd players just felt they "deserved" to win cause they were Man Utd.

1/20/2005 11:07 PM  

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