Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Ivan Klasnic

Werder Bremen won the German league champoinship in 2003/04. Before the season it was a good, yet unheralded team. Ivan Klasnic, from Croatia, is one reason Bremen won and continues to win. But why?

I asked myself why many times. What a strange looking player on the field. He's akward in his movement, rather slow with the first step and has these very long legs which look like they will twist themselves into knots in the box. Regardless of that, he gets results. He's football's equivalent to the NBA's Chris Webber. Both of them seem akward and unathletic, but there secrets are smart play and a great touch with the ball.

While not a very natural athlete Ivan Klasnic makes up for it with his workrate and by playing to his strengths.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont like him

1/20/2005 7:33 PM  
Anonymous Luigi Peed said...

Enjoyed reading your posts.

12/06/2005 6:52 PM  
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