Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Why hasn't anyone made a run at Maniche?

After a breakout performance for the Portuguese international team, Maniche (Nuno Ricardo Oliveira Ribeiro was nicknamed Maniche in honor of Benfica's Danish forward Michel Manniche) has not yet moved into a top flight club.

When the transfer window opened I imagined how Real Madrid could have been shored up with his presence, but Real made a great move for Gravesen. I had the idea earlier that Arsenal should sell Edu and make that run at Maniche... even trade him for cash in a deal with his current club FC Porto.

A versatile attack-minded midfield player, Maniche approaches his game with vigor and impressive stamina. His durability and activity reminds me a lot of Frank Lampard, although Maniche is significantly shorter.

I heard rumors over the summer that Arsenal would make a move for him if Vieira went to Madrid, claiming that Wegner was an admirer. Who knows, it is a matter of time for Maniche, only Porto's price tag would hold him up any longer. While he remains in the Champion’s League, Porto's player sales over the summer have significantly weakened the team.
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