Friday, June 29, 2007

Cisse to leave Premiership

Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse is set to make his loan deal permanent with Marseille despite a late attempt from West Ham to sign the player.

Cisse, 25, spent last season on loan at Marseille and wants to see the move happen. Marseille had wanted to keep Cisse on loan but Liverpool made it clear that was not an option.

"The Marseille option is the best choice for Djibril because of the Champions League" - Cisse's agent Ranko Stojic

West Ham representatives tried to contact Cisse’s agent earlier in the week but the interest came too late as the player had already made a decision on the matter. Marseille, flush after the big money sale of Franck Ribery to Bayern Munich, will be looking for Cisse fill the gap as the club grow out of a slump in recent seasons. A Champions League campaign next season should improve the club’s financial fortunes.

Cisse is not famous for his goals, but his two horrible broken legs. Once playing for Liverpool and another in a friendly for France right before the World Cup began.

A deal would serve both club and player, with the impending arrival of Fernando Torres from Atletico Madrid it would become crowded up front.

Here's the leg break against China:

And the one versus Blackburn:

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Blogger Rio said...

now with torres, lpool should play some offensive modification of christmas tree IMO. Torres needs space, so you either give him an entire side or stick him up top infront of some playmaker/ss. gerrard and kuyt should be ok to play behind torres. have mascher in the middle screening, then 2 wingers to provide width. ManU pretty much played a christmas tree this past season, not a bad result.

7/01/2007 4:22 AM  

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