Sunday, August 14, 2005

Chelsea vs Wigan Athletic - game minutes

The live blogging experiment, updating every few minutes.

lets see how it goes....

Chelsea - Wigan:

4 mins: Chelsea start with Drogba up front, Gudjohnsen in midfield, Robben and Duff on the wings. Early pressure is Chelsea's but Wingan fire back on with a great shot from Camara.

7 mins: Wigan are enthusiastic and taking the game to Chelsea.

10 mins: Del Horno shuts the door on Teale but Wigan are unintimidated. Paulo Ferreira shows he's capable as well.

14 mins: The early Wigan flurry settles down as Chelsea begin to link up play. Wigan's Teale creative again on the wing though and Chelsea must scurry.

15 mins: Drogba gets first good Chelsea shot.

18 mins: It's an even match, open play and entertaining so far. Gudjohnsen shoots, 2nd chance for Chelsea within moments. Robben shows first solo action.

21 mins: Wigan giving Chelsea way too much space, will be giving up a goal soon. They are trying too hard now to take the game to Chelsea.

24 mins: Robben and Drogba starting to link up. Even Makelele is pushing forward. New Wigan man Francis gives up foul and Arjen Robben goes close. Soon after Mahon goes ever so close for Wigan.

28 mins: Its still an even game. Chelsea have started to fray their passes. Wigan has shown a lot of life so far but Chelsea don’t forgive mistakes.

32 mins: New Wigan signing Henchoz comes forward for a corner. Camara gets another shot on goal. Cech saves. Duff looks cautious in attack, picks up a foul though. Lampard cross goes begging.

33 mins: Shaun Wright-Phillips is already warming up.

36 mins: Wigan defending well. Ferreira cross too high for Drogba. Gudjohnsen starting to come very deep for the ball.

40 mins: Robben changes wings momentarily. John Terry heads just over the bar. Game continues to be open.

43 mins: Duff and Robben stay switched. Mourinho is worried with good reason, Chelsea can't make any impression on the wings.

44 mins: Duff gets best chance of the match so far.

46 mins: One minute added time to a good half of football. Wigan sure seems a tougher challenge than on paper. Mahon wrestles Robben to the ground for the match’s first yellow card. Wigan, playing in their new stadium made Chelsea work to the point that this either side could have easily had a goal in the match.

47 mins: Joe Cole and Shaun-Wright Phillips come on to replace Gudjohnsen and Robben.

50 mins: New signing Arjan de Zeeuw looks good in defense. Chimbonda from Wigan looking a good fullback.

54 mins: The change on the Chelsea wings is making little difference. Wigan are growing in confidence.

58 mins: Wright-Phillips has first shit on goal deflected. Duff substituted for Hernan Crespo. Chelsea can't afford to start the campaign with anything less than 3 points and Mourinho knows that.

63 mins: Mourinho is prowling the touch line, a bit nervous giving direction. Hernan Crespo shot saved by the keepers foot.

67 mins: Chelsea are starting to dominate possession. Wigan’s counters are breaking down. Its going to be hard to hold shape for 23 minutes under this much pressure. Camara with a nice dummy on Ferreira.

70 mins: Crespo puts Drogba thru, de Zeeuw defends well. Joe Cole forces a save. Camara creates a good chance for Wigan.

74 mins: Ferreira continues to keep Camara at bay. Well done Chelsea counter stopped by last ditch tackle. Play returns the other way immediately and Wright-Phillips makes last ditch save for the Blues.

78 mins: De Zeeuw continues to play good defense for Wigan. Its still 0-0 in large part due to him and Henchoz, who’s also been useful. In fact the entire Wigan back line have played well.

80 mins: Wigan squander a good chance. Looked like a hand ball on Teale from a Del Horno cross. Chelsea can’t get thru.

81 mins: Terry goes close for Chelsea in a close fought match.

82 mins: Francis off the post for Wigan!

82 mins: Chimbonda makes last minute save for Wigan.

85 mins: Camara off in a late substitution. Wigan are looking for the unlikely point from a draw.

87 mins: It’s an even contest. Wigan are pressing Chelsea in the last moments. Oh, a Gallas flub almost loses Chelsea the match.

89 mins: Chelsea are throwing everyone forward. A Lampard solo run peters out. 4 minutes added time.

90 mins: Joe Cole shot saved! Counter by Wigan ends with a shot well wide.

92 mins: Francis gives up late Wigan free kick. Lampard gets ready for it, shoots and hits the wall. Wigan counter! 3 versus 1 - a golden chance goes begging for Wigan!

93 mins: GOAL!!! Hernan Crespo is the hero for Chelsea with a fantastic goal! Solo effort, outside the box!! What a strike in the top corner.

94 mins: match ends. Chelsea win 1-0.

Mourinho gives words of encouragement to Wigan's coach and it's well deserved. Wigan played a heck of a match against the champs and must feel like a point was stolen.

Chelsea are lucky to escape with a win. I'm sure they didn't expect so much resistance from Wigan and did what champions do. The subsitute scored, what else do you expect from Mourinho.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would had swore the telly put it as 4-3-3? With Gudjohnsen in midfield?

8/14/2005 4:15 PM  
Blogger Football Commentator said...

Typo, Gudjohnsen is behind Drogba

8/14/2005 4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robben isnt going to like that change!

8/14/2005 5:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dammit we almost had a point

8/14/2005 6:18 PM  
Anonymous aw said...

I wasn't there while the game was going on but your play by play comments made it feel as if I were. Good job, commentator.

8/14/2005 8:59 PM  
Blogger Cathal Breathnach said...

Very good job with game minutes for the Wigan V Chelsea. Well done Football Commentator.

8/14/2005 9:50 PM  

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