Saturday, July 23, 2005

Roberto Carlos getting dual nationality

Real Madrid left-back Roberto Carlos will become a dual-citizen of Spain and Brazil so the club can have another non-European Union slot, namely for Robinho.

La Liga rules stipulate only 3 non-EU player are allowed in a squad. Real Madrid’s slots were used by Walter Samuel, Ronaldo, and Roberto Carlos last season. I speculated that Carlos or Ronaldo would be leaving because of Robinho’s arrival but Real Madrid look set on keeping their big name Brazilians.

With Real trying to close the deal to sign Robinho, the latest news would free up a place in the squad should the transfer saga end.

Strangely, Carlos was robbed in Brazil last month while giving a radio interview. 2 armed gunmen on a motorcycle robbed a car he was driving in. Guns are proliferated in Brazil and gun crime is at fever levels. Not too long ago Pele was carjacked until the thieves realized who it was and ran out of respect. No such luck for Roberto Carlos or Robinho who had his mother kidnapped.

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