Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Real Madrid made an official offer, so who is Robinho?

Real Madrid were set to buy him, then it was off, then on, and now its confirmed by the player that there is an offer on the table to move this summer. His club Santos is ‘reviewing the offer’, whatever that means.

Who is he and why does Real, not known for thrift, want him?

  • For starters, he scored his first goal for the national side today in a friendly against Hong Kong.
  • He didn’t move in the transfer window because Madrid has three EU players, the maximum, and is said to be in talks with Inter Milan over Roberto Carlos, hint hint.
  • He’s anxious to go since his mother was kidnapped and released a month later.
  • He dribbles the ball brilliantly.
  • Pele told Robinho he reminded him of himself as a young man. They are friends.
  • He’s another Brazilian player whose name starts with R and ends with O.
  • What buying Robinho does to the link with Adriano is uncertain, but if this deal goes thru and there is further interest in Adriano, there is only Ronaldo and Walter Samuel left. I don’t see Real Madrid selling two defenders to buy two strikers.
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